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helping to build trauma-informed workplaces that empower creativity and innovation to help businesses and survivors thrive.

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Trauma is the static in the brain that keeps your employees from being focused, innovative contributors to your workplace. We can’t stop trauma, but we can engineer workplaces that help businesses and trauma survivors thrive. I believe that our local businesses can elevate, inspire and transform our communities while bringing balance, normalcy and hope to its people.


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What is a trauma-informed workplace anyway? To sum it up, it’s a workplace where employees feel heard by their supervisors, where they aren’t scared to ask for help and support when they need it, and where they feel like they will be treated fairly. It’s a place where honest conversations and feedback occur and bullying and harassment behaviors are quickly addressed.  It’s a workplace where employees feel like they are an integral part of a team and not a cog in the wheel.




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