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trauma informed business practices.



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Your time and commitment to establish a trauma informed culture through onsite or remote training and policy development provided by Flashpoint Freedom Ventures.


Your donation will help build the infrastructure to support  survivors with counseling, housing, and paid internships that provide the marketplace skills and experience they need to live a life full of purpose and vision.  Our empowerment program is best suited for survivors who have already successfully completed  a 6 to 12 month residential program, are actively engaged in substance abuse and mental health treatment modalities and are looking to gain professional workplace skills and experience.  It is the goal of our program to help survivors take their last few steps across the finish line toward financial freedom and independence. 

One of the things we are learning from the Great Resignation is that employees are leaving the workplace, but they are not leaving the work. They are leaving management practices, policies and workplaces where they feel devalued and unheard. This ends in a draining spiral of hiring and training with little room for expansion and dreaming big. We want to help change that for you.


Flashpoint Freedom wants to invest in your business while inviting you to provide life-changing employment opportunities for survivors of trauma and human trafficking. To that end, we are inviting  you to become a Local Business Partner. As a Business Partner your company gets the benefit of training that can help build a resilient business that leverages the innovation and creativity present in all employees, and keep them bringing their very best to the workplace.


What do we ask from you in exchange?

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A willingness to offer internships to survivors of human trafficking or complex trauma that will help them develop professional skills they could not access without this program. Flashpoint Freedom will underwrite a portion of the costs of the paid internships with the funds from our training and policy development services.

Empowering Survivors of Human Trafficking and Trauma

Equipping Businesses

A suggested donation of $35 per hour for training and policy development services which will be invested back into our Empowering Survivors Program. These funds will help pay for supportive housing, therapy services, food, transportation and underwrite a portion of the costs for paid internships with companies like yours.

We will offer a FREE one-hour training to our local business owners and their management staff where we share the pathway to becoming trauma informed. For a suggested donation, we offer a host of other trainings on topics such as: emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and policy specific training to build a more creative, thriving workplace. Donations from this program will support the costs of our Survivor Empowerment Program.

Flashpoint Freedom can develop trauma informed policies,  practices and culture that work for your business. We offer consultation, policy review and policy development services that are designed to help transform the culture of your workplace while bringing out the very best in your employees.

Provide 6-12 month paid internships for human trafficking and complex trauma survivors that equip them with professional workplace skills.

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